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Hi, I'm Ian Stevenson and this is my website. It's here to let me share my photos and provide a central link to all my other stuff on the web, both personal and professional.

I'm a father, Startup CEO, Technologist, Photographer, Radio Amateur (GM7FIE), Runner, Scuba Diver (lapsed for now) - and too many other things to mention...

If you're wondering, the name of the site reflects that growing up in Scotland I always had to tell people my name was 'Ian with one i' (Scots typically spell it "Iain"). You can work out the rest!

Blipfoto Journals

I love blipfoto, and myself, Ruth and Arran all have journals on there which we update regularly:

Latest Galleries

Some Galleries of pictures from holidays and major events:

Camping at Glen Nevis Camping in Dunbar Camas 2020 Take Two Camas 2020

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