Ian and Ruth

The Apology

This is a part of the site that hasn't yet been for years - I hope to get round to it soon...

The Content

Hello! This is my website, and this is the page that is about my life and my that of my wife! My name is Ian Stevenson and I was born in Aberdeen in 1975. I studied at Edinburgh university for four years from 1993, then worked in Edinburgh there for a further 3 years before doing a 5 year stint in Cambridge. Now I live in Edinburgh again and work in Dunfermline (for more about my work click here). My wife Ruth Stevenson (nee Holohan) shares my home with me, as does our cat (Misty).

Ruth is from the Lake district, but she also studied in Edinburgh and it is there that our paths crossed (although rather after I had graduated since she is 3 years younger than me!). Ruth works in Edinburgh, and has her own website called Ruthanasia.

Here are Ruth and I at the Old Hacks dinner (November 2002):

Picture of Ruth Stevenson and Ian Stevenson

Some mugshots of myself and Ruth...

Picture of Ian Stevenson Picture of Ruth Stevenson Holohan

Why Cyclops-Online?

My real name is Ian Stevenson but I grew up in Scotland where most people spell Ian "Iain", So every time I was asked my name I had to say "Ian, with one i" When I came to start using the internet my real name was always taken when I signed into websites, so I started using the name cyclops - there are fewer of them around. If you haven't got it yet, think Greek mythology...

The Zoo...

We got our cat, Misty, from the Blue Cross cat rescue center in Cambridge at the start of 2003, and she has been hanging out being generally fluffy ever since. She's about 7, and she's apparently a "grey longhair tabby", although I think she's really just a moggy! There's a diary of her first few weeks with us here, and this is what she looks like when hiding in her bed!

Picture of Misty Stevenson