Beginnings in the late '80s

I was a keen radio amateur in my teens, on mostly on 2m FM around Aberdeen (where I grew up) and later Dundee. GB3GN, GB3PR and S20 provided many QSOs on a converted Storno, a KDK FM2025, and later an Alinco DJ-F1E, and greatly enjoyed helping local RAYNET groups. I also had a homebrew colinear, a HF receiver, and a CW/RTTY decoder amongst other toys. I got my "B" license at 14 - the earliest age you could hold it at the time. Thanks to AARS, the club at Robert Gordons, and a number of amateurs who helped me get going back then."

Returning in 2020

Like many people I found I had a wee bit of time on my hands unexpectedly during COVID19 so I decided to find out if I was still eligible for a license (turns out I was eligible for a "Full" license under the new rules) and if I could get my old callsign back, which I could. So I did the paperwork and decided to get back on the air. My old Alinco DJ-F1E still works but the batteries are unsurprisingly dead and it doesn't have CTSS (boards seem impossible to come by) so it was cheaper to get a new radio. I decided to get one that did DMR, and am currently exploring that with an Anytone 878 and a Duplex Hotspot. I'm now thinking about whether I have enough time, energy and money for some HF dabbling too...